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From Our Presidents
From President | Ms. NG Lai Kwan Monica |
From Immediate Past President | Mr. CHAN Hin Cheong Vincent |


Mission of HKCPON
  1. 1. To promote the advancement of Perioperative nursing.
  2. 2. To promote, foster, develop and Asia medical and allied professions in the study of and acquisitio, dissemination and application of knowledge and information concerning perioperative nursing.
  3. 3. To be furtherance of the objects of the College to encourag, stimulate and aid research in perioperative nursing.
  4. 4. To encourage, assist and arrange for medical professional, scientiSys, students and others to come to Hong Kong for the purposes of research and study and for the purposes of teaching and demonstrating theory and practice relating to perioperative nursing.
  5. 5. To encourage, arrange for and assist students , medical professionals, nurses, scientists and other from Hong Kong and from abroad to undertake research in the perioperative nursing and to acquire training in methods of research in fields of perioperative nursing.
  6. 6. To stimulate public interest and provide public education in perioperative nursing and their related problems and to assist in keeping the medical profession in Hong Kong up to date in the latest developments in the field of medical and scientific research in perioperative nursing.
  7. 7. To advise the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing (HKAN) and the Government on the registration and qualification standard regarding admission of fellowship matters.

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